Circus artist, juggler, dancer.
Alexey Teslin
Alexey was born in Cherepovets. There from childhood he went to the circus studio. Since the age of 11 he juggled various objects in front of the audience.

The first teacher was Grigory Abramovich Weiner. He gave birth to many artists.

In 2018 in Moscow Alexey graduated from GUTSEI (State School of Circus and Variety Art).

To get enrolled at school he chose the balls, then the hats were added. And on second year Alexey suddenly decided to graduated with diabolo.

Beloved teacher Lyubov Alexeevna Kirillova supported the artist and together they dived into creative search of a new style.

So, diabolo became an unconditional choice.

While attending school Alexey began dancing.

Dance and juggling are becoming inseparable, providing unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

Dance improvisations are organically integrated into the dramaturgy of his performances, making them bright and temperamental.
A fusion of music through the movement and circus trick inspires the young ambitious artist to create new productions, all of which he invents himself.
Circus artist
Participation in projects:

- Artist of independent theater and circus company "Antique Circus" in performances : "History of the Year" (Moscow),
«The Mandarin Angel" (Moscow),
"New Year's Tale for Ejik with orchestra" (2020)

- Laureate of the 18th International Festival of Circus Art in Nikulin Circus (Moscow, 2019)

- Tour with the circus school "Dorato circus" (Israel, 2019)

"Soldier of love"
"History of year"
"Feel it still" GUTSEI
"Dem beats" circus Nikulin
During his studies Alexey began to dance. He rapidly exploit different dance directions: from contemporary dance to jazz - funk.

Alexey participated in dance competitions as a part of the DANCE BOUTIQUE team under the direction of the choreographer Ekaterina Ryzhakova.

Such us:

Project 818,
Russia Respect showcase,
Millennium dance competition (Moscow).

"Lust game" dance boutique
Dont start now
Bassa sababa
Contact me:
+7 968 004-94-42
+7 708 204-11-09
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